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Single author

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Multiple authors
(up to three)

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(more than three)

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Corporate authorship

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No author identified

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Chapter in edited book

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Reprinted or republished chapter

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Chapter in a volume in a series

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Multivolume works

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Edited collections

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Specific editions of a book

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Translated works

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Journals with continuous pagination

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Journals with non-continuous pagination

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Monthly periodicals

Rudd, M. D. (2006, February). Suicidality in clinical practice: Anxieties and answers. Journal of Clinical Psychology , pp. 157-159.

Weekly periodicals

Kauffmann, S. (2005, December 26-2006, January 9). Altered states. The New Republic , p.22.

Newspaper articles

Altman, L. K. & Broad, W. J. (2005, December 20). Global trend: More science, more fraud. The New York Times , p. F1.

No author identified

Stem cell fraud confirmed. (2005, December 23). The New York Times , p. A6.

Reprinted or republished articles

Clark, G., & Zimmerman, E. (1988). Professional roles and activities as models for art education. In S. Dobbs (Ed.), Research readings for discipline-based art education. Reston, VA: NAEA. (Reprinted from Studies in Art Education, 19 (1986), 34-39.)


Dissertation obtained from Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI)

Rauch, S. L. (2005). A descriptive study on the differences between body psychotherapists and traditional counselors (Doctoral dissertaton, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2005). Dissertation Abstracts International-B, 66, 571.

Dissertation obtained from the university

Ross, D. F. (1990). Unconscious transference and mistaken identity: When a witness misidentifies a familiar but innocent person from a lineup (Doctoral dissertaton, Cornell University, 1990). Dissertation Abstracts International, 51, 417.

Other Media


Cartwright, B.Y., & D'Andrea, M. (Spring, 2005). [ A Personal Journey Toward Culture-Centered Counseling: An Interview With Paul Pedersen]. Journal of Counseling and Development, 83 (2), 214-221.

Films or videotapes

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Writer, A. (Date of copyright). Title of song [Recorded by artist if different from writer]. On Title of album [Medium of recording: CD, record, cassette, etc.]. Location: Label. (Recording date if different than copyright) McFerrin, Bobby (Vocalist). (1990). Medicine music [Cassette Recording].  Hollywood, CA: EMI-USA.

Article in an Internet-only journal

Flax, J. (2005). Psychotherapy as 'cure of the self'. Social Practice/Psychological Theorizing. Retrieved January 28, 2006, from http://sppt-gulerce.boun.edu.tr/articles.htm

Article in an Internet-only newsletter

Mills, D. M. (2005) Darkness in the theatre: The perception of the embodied self in action. Personal Construct Theory Newsletter, 2 (1-9). Retreived December 16, 2005, from http://www.psp.net.de/info/news.html
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