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Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing is a peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary and transcultural online journal. It deductively/inductively derives from an assumption/observation that social practice and psychological theorizing are in an ongoing co-constructive relation. In principle, it focuses on innovative works which support the idea that (psychological) theorizing is not a mere conceptual endeavor and also that anything psychological is simultaneously social, and vice versa. Original contributions are published singularly or under special themes within the flexible publication time and space that the internet medium enables. Unlike the mainstream and hardcopy journals, SP/PT aims to make good use of opportunities provided by the internet including free accessibility, much wider distribution, rapid circulation and interaction of ideas around the globe. Textual journal articles, book reviews and comments, and audiovisual presentations creatively using the multimedia possibilities are encouraged. SP/PT genuinely fosters an international platform, even though it is in the English language for the time being. As a mediating space, it offers possibilities for an ongoing conversation and discussion in order to promote meaningful communication and responsible collaboration among its participant readers, authors, board members and the editors, rather than aiming at a unification or integration of psychological theories and social practices. Your contributions will be sincerely welcomed and appreciated.


Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing is launched as a modest attempt to bring together, mediate and transform many diverse discourses across disciplines, most of which are rather isolated and dichotomized at present: the psychological and the social, theory and practice, micro and macro, mind and body, reason and emotion, the individual and the society, culture and nature, private and public, male and female, the I and the other, center and periphery, qualitative and quantitative, subjective and objective; plus many further dualities. SP/PT aims at transcending these unproductive polarities by redefining not only the human, the psychological, the theoretical and the practical; but also the social, the political, the economical, the historical, the cultural, the philosophical, the critical and the methodological in modern accounts. Scholars from psychology and other disciplines, and also from wider (but non-academic, and non-western) intellectual culture, are invited to take part in the dialogues made possible by this forum, and to participate in developing and revising understandings of ontology, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics and praxis. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the process of defining Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing and developing a new and exciting space for debate and transformation. It remains to be seen if the effects of our joint effort will be in line with these aspirations.

Aydan Gülerce
December 25, 2005

Social Practice / Psychological Theorizing is hosted by the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, at the historical crossroads of many meaning-making centers.


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